The ocean holds the vast majority of life on Earth, and we are yet to explore 95% of this teeming living space.

Stars in his eyes

Mark Gee frequently ventures out under the darkest, most remote skies in New Zealand. The multi-award-winning photographer has been short-listed for Astronomy Photographer of the Year every year since 2012 and his short film, Full Moon Silhouettes, has been broadcast by NASA. Francesca Emms asked him about his fascination with the stars.

Window watching

Kate McGuinness has illustrated some of Wellington's favourite haunts and the results are charming.

Abandoned spaces

The images forming this photo essay are of buildings at different stages of their lives. Most of them are being redeveloped or renovated, to begin another phase in the life of the capital city.

Making dough

First there was coffee, and then came craft beer. Today, the rising trend in Wellington’s food and beverage scene is handmade artisan bread, writes Sarah Catherall.

Rubbish piles up and the plan stinks

It’s 2020, we’ve banned the plastic bag, half the city is marching around with keep cups, and we’re about to trial kerbside composting – so why exactly is Wellington looking to extend a tip that opened in the 1970s?

Families who love living on the road

Pull out onto any state highway in the summer and you’ll see scores of recreational vehicles (RVs) trundling the length and breadth of New Zealand. Many are rented by holidaymakers on a classic Kiwi road trip. However, more and more people are investing in their own caravans and making them their own. And a growing number of people even live fulltime in these tiny homes on wheels.

Electric records

Derek Smith spent the early nineties photographing New Zealand while on the job as a meter reader.

Three leaders share their vision for 2020

The hype-man of the Hurricanes is eyeing up the Super Rugby Championship, there’re changes afoot for the Wellington City Mission, and the wheels are spinning at Wellington City Council. Harriet Palmer talked to three local leaders about their vision for the future.


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