The overall theme of the competition is Wellington 2021. 
There are six categories within this theme.


Photographers in this category will endeavour to capture the variety and beauty of Wellington’s backyard. This category includes nature, wildlife, environment and landscapes. Photographs with people should only be included if they’re part of a wider scene or help give context.


The greatest asset of any organisation, community, or city is its people, which is why Wellington is so bloody great. This category provides an opportunity to celebrate what it means to be a Wellingtonian and capture life in the region.


Be it a fibre optic cable, earthquake strengthening, or even the cable car, we wouldn’t be where are today without human-made forms. This category seeks to celebrate the forms, innovation and changes that help make Wellington what it is in 2021.


Sometimes one picture is not enough, which is why we included the triptych. A photographic story, triptychs capture an artistic image and cohesive narrative. The impact of a triptych is the combination of the three images rather than a single image.


A clever person once said “In today’s world people are either asleep or connected”. Friend or foe, this is an open category for the best shot taken on a mobile phone. The only requirement is that the photograph captures some aspect of Wellington.


We’re doing it for the kids. For under 18’s only, this is an open category with the only stipulation being the photo captures some aspect of Wellington.

Judging criteria

Judges will be looking for:

• Natural talent over digital editing skills.

• Photographs with a strong narrative that evokes a feeling, or an original perspective.

• Photographers who represent their entered category brief well. 

• Photographs that fit the CPotY 2021 criteria (taken within the wider Wellington region between 1 January 2020 and 27 April 2021).


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