Interior leanings

Paige Jarman is a Wellington ceramicist and interior enthusiast. Soon after graduating with a textile design degree in 2013 she gave pottery a whirl and, within a year, had her first order. From her home in Lower Hutt she creates handmade pieces inspired by shapes and patterns found in the natural environment. You can see her works at

Describe your style in five words:
still developing, functional, well-made, colour.

What do you gravitate toward when shopping?
Items that have a story, or are handmade, or tactile.

If I could raid anyone’s home it would be…
Helen Frankenthaler. She was an American abstract artist who worked mostly in large scale oil paintings. She looks like such an interesting woman and from the few pictures I’ve seen, her home was full of an eclectic collection of art and furniture.

The last thing I bought was…
herbs and a chilli plant. Cooking is another creative outlet for me and I get to use my collection of pottery regularly.

What would you never be caught with in your home?
A ‘”live, laugh, love” wall vinyl.

The favourite item in my home is…
my new Keith Grinter blown glass tumblers which were a Christmas present.

Less or more?
I don’t consider myself a minimalist, but definitely less. I try not to buy dust-collectors or unnecessary things.

What are eyeing up?
My goal for this year is to get some art for my walls. I love Alex Fulton’s colour combinations and abstracted shapes.

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