Six burgers you should try during Visa Wellington On a Plate

If you’ve been trying to organise your workplace VWOaP lunch this week, you’ll be well aware there are more than 200 burgers on offer. We asked some notable locals where they’re eating this month, and narrowed down our own lunch selection in the process.

Tessa Eden

Tess Eden is a Wellington based food and lifestyle blogger who shares how easy it is to be vegan on Instagram @eden.vegan. Read more about her here.

She’ll be eating:

Let’s get Jacked burger

Because: When I saw pulled jackfruit stacked with colourful veg and vegan ranch sauce my heart was set. It’s the delicious combination of rich marinated jackfruit and tangy pickled cabbage that does it for me. 

Hanna Tevita

Hanna Tevita is a solicitor at Simpson Grierson Wellington. When she’s not working, you’ll find her walking her two Chocolate lab x spaniel x pointers up Mt Vic or eating out with her husband. Read more about her here.

She’ll be eating:

La Grande Gordita burger
Egmont Street Eatery

Because: It has everything I love – manchego cheese, ham, croquettes and sobradasa mayo! It sounds absolutely delicious. Even the house made milk bun – I’m not exactly sure what a milk bun is but it sounds fab. 

Kalliana Kong

Kalliana runs the Wellingnoms Instagram account which highlights the best food Wellington has to offer. She has a soft spot for spicy food, true crime podcasts, and glitter nail polish.

She’ll be eating:

Swamp Thing burger
Soul Shack 

Because: Soul Shack makes some of my favourite fried chicken burgers. Their Burger Welly entry last year was absolutely delicious, so I am keen to taste their offering this year with this double protein monster. I’m also a big fan of okra cooked but have never had it fried so am looking forward to trying something new. 

Andy Foster

Andy is the Mayor of Wellington. You can find him on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @MayorofWelly

He’ll be eating:

The Hellenic burger
Oikos Hellenic Cuisine

Because: It features New Zealand lamb, Wellington produced Zany Zeus halloumi and looks seriously yum! I’m excited that VWOaP is back, better and more delicious than ever.

Karl Maughan

Karl is an artist whose paintings of gardens and botanies are world famous. When he’s not in his studio with a paintbrush in his hand, he can be found perusing the aisles of Moore Wilson’s.

He’ll be eating:

‘Rapa Your Mouth Around This

Because: I love the sound of a pork sausage with a bit of delicious havarti and truffle. Also, two of my kids work at L’affare so I can see them at the same time as enjoying a burger.

Vicki Young

Vicki is an artisan cake designer, chef, and one of the faces of VWOaP 2020. You can find her upcoming cooking class and dessert pop-ups via @vickieats on Instagram.

She’ll be eating:

Wagyu, truffle and bordelaise burger

Because: It’s the ultimate trifecta of decadence ­– a wagyu blockbuster with truffled mascarpone, smoked bone marrow, and a pine nut brioche as the supporting actors. What a line up of toasty, fatty, boozy (and boujee) savoury goodness. The food here is absolutely incredible, bursting with textures and flavours – it’s a no brainer the burger will be a standout too.

All these burgers are available during VWOaP, October 12 – 31.


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