Easty feasty: Fresh green salad with a creamy dressing

By Unna Burch

Featured in Capital #10
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This is a simple fresh salad that is the perfect side dish to almost any meal. We often have something like this with a lasagne too. I love the creaminess of the avocados with the crunch of the lettuce. Feel free to switch the sour cream in the dressing for Greek yoghurt or a light mayo for a different flavour.

Serves: 8 as a side dish
Prep and cooking time: 15 mins


For the salad
1 x large romaine or cos lettuce (or just your favourite crunchy salad leaf)
2 x avocados
bunch flat leaf parsley
bunch chives
Small handful pea shoots (or sprouts)

½ cup lite sour cream, regular is too thick
4 Tbsn juice from a jar of gherkins (I use this often when making dressings in place of vinegar, I love its flavour)
1 Tbsn rice wine (or white wine) vinegar
2 Tbsn lemon juice
1 Tbsn olive oil
1 heaped tspn Dijon mustard
Good pinch caster sugar
Salt and pepper to taste


1. Cut the bottom core off the lettuce and snap off the leaves. I discard the soft outer leaves. Chop the large leaves into 3rds and leave the smaller leave whole. Wash and spin dry (either in a salad spinner or in a tea towel flicking the water out – best do that outside) You want to make sure the salad is dry so that it doesn’t dilute the dressing and make it watery. Arrange on a platter.

2. De-stone and de-skin the avocados and cut into wedges adding to the lettuce. (Note: if you are making this ahead of time, squeeze lemon over the avocado so that it doesn’t go brown.)

3. Chop herbs and scatter over. Add the pea shoots or sprouts. Season the entire salad with a little salt.

For the dressing
Simply shake in a jar vigorously until combined. Serve in a jug on the side so that people can dress their own salad. You don’t want to dress it ahead of time otherwise the leaves will go soggy and loose their crunch.


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