Easty feasty: The “happy long weekend” menu

By Unna Burch

Featured in Capital #10
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Easter is a great time for family feasts, sharing and celebrating. It’s the perfect opportunity to cook even more than I normally do. Even just making my boys a cooked breakfast says ‘’we’re in no rush today.’’

Prepare this menu in advance. Or split it between a group of family or friends sharing costs and cooking. I was lucky and my father came over and polished all the silver for me and my mother looked after the boys while I got this ready.

I love putting everything onto platters in the middle of the table and everyone helps themselves. That sound of hustle and bustle at the table, when everyone is hungrily scooping things onto their plates and passing things around with chatter is perfect.

And it is followed by moments of silence while everyone takes their first mouthfuls. That chaos to calm makes me smile.


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