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Issue 80 Answers


3. “Since we’ve no place to go, let it __SNOW
6. Seven swans’ activity SWIMMING
9. Carol, __ in a Manger AWAY
10. Feeling of fear and wonder AWE
12. A lowly cattle shed stood in this royal’s cityDAVID
14. Follow it to find the baby STAR
15. Group of three TRIO
16. Five of these were golden RINGS
17. Incessant pa-rum-pum-pummer LITTLE DRUMMER BOY
21. Māori word for god ATUA
22. Oh little town, how still you lieBETHLEHEM
25. He’s coming to town SANTA CLAUS
27. Grandma was run over by oneREINDEER
29. Traditional festive tree FIR
30. Known as Stille Nacht in GermanySILENT NIGHT
31. Move stealthilySNEAK
33. Danced to in Mean Girls JINGLE BELL ROCK
34. A Hebrew name for GodADONAI
36. Spanish phrase meaning “Happy Christmas”FELIZ NAVIDAD
38. Wenceslas was a good oneKING
41. This Frank released two Christmas albumsSINATRA
43. Made by elvesTOYS
46. Tiny Tim says, “God __ us, Everyone.”BLESS
47. Santa’s vehicle SLEIGH
50. Relating to hymns, or sacred lyricsHYMNAL
51. Dog pilot who faced the Red BaronSNOOPY
52. Mary’s son JESUS
53. First note when Julie teaches singing DO


1. The Pogues song, __tale of New York FAIRY
2. Religious folk song, often Christmassy CAROL
4. Crosby dreams of such a ChristmasWHITE
5. Repeated syllable in Deck the HallsLA
7. We wish you this kind of ChristmasMERRY
8. Opposite of well behavedNAUGHTY
11. Pop duo behind Last ChristmasWHAM
13. Gift on fourth dayFOUR CALLING BIRDS
18. Hark! Who’s that singing?THE HERALD ANGELS
19. It rings in celebrationBELL
20. Holiday, in te reoHARAREI
23. Number of lords a-leapingTEN
24. Third reindeer listedPRANCER
26. Heavenly beings we have heard on highANGELS
28. Sound of bells ringing on highDING DONG
29. Shepherds watched them by nightFLOCKS
32. Robert Louis Stevenson’s poem, Christmas at ___SEA
35. Hail Mary in Latin, ___ MariaAVE
36. Famous snowman, a jolly happy soulFROSTY
37. Mammal that carries a heavy loadDONKEY
39. Hedera helix, associated with hollyIVY
40. Used as a crib for baby JesusMANGER
42. Famous poem starts, “__ the night before Christmas”TWAS
44. In Beethoven’s 9th, _ to JoyODE
45. Boxing Day bargain timeSALE
48. Overnight lodgingINN
49. What Mariah Carey wants for ChristmasYOU
51. Fifth note when Julie teaches singingSO

Issue 79 Answers


6. PoakaPIG
8. Flows to the sea RIVER
10. Essential to maintain lifeVITAL
11. Animal lifeFAUNA
12. Feathered creatureBIRD
15. Native yellowing treeKŌWHAI
16. Wellington ecosanctuaryZEALANDIA
17. Marsupial targeted by Predator Free WellingtonPOSSUM
21. Plant of the monthBLUEBERRY
23. Ocean, lake, or sea, in te reoMOANA
26. Child-chasing aquatic bidsGEESE
27. Common fish in Wellington harbourCOD
28. Suburb with a 900-year-old kahikatea treePAUATAHANUI
29. To harvest the cropREAP
31. Red flowering native treeRATA
32. Number of native mistletoe speciesNINE
33. Tree, Ōtari-Wilton’s Bush has one called MokoRIMU
35. Best florist, Flowers __MANUELA
36. Native bird with a bowtie TUI
37. Tree of death and resurrection in Celtic culture YEW
39. Native wood pigeonKERERŪ
40. General term for plantsFLORA
44. Super pollinatorBEE
45. Hardy shrub, grows well hereKARAMŪ
46. 2020’s Bird of the YearKĀKAPO
47. Māori village
48. Large primateAPE
49. Goddess of SpringPERSEPHONE


1. Pinchy crustaceanCRAB
2. White-tailed spider does not spin thisWEB
3. Undeveloped shootBUD
4. Luminous larvae of the fungus gnatGLOW WORM
5. Venomous native spiderKATIPO
6. Nīkau is the only kiwi in this plant familyPALMS
7. Rare stoneGEM
9. Tītipounamu, our smallest birdRIFLEMAN
10. The science of growing grapesVITICULTURE
13. First name of noted New Zealand botanist Dr. CockayneLEONARD
18. “The birds and the bees”SEX
19. Famous Wellington catMITTENS
20. A tree’s gooey sapGUM
22. This issue’s bug, Cabbage White _BUTTERFLY
24. Leggy wading birdHERON
25. Common flaxHARAKEKE
26. Heaviest bug in AotearoaGIANT WETA
27. Type of trees at Blossom ValleyCHERRY
29. Tastes like peanut butter, huhu __GRUB
31. Kiwi born racehorse, bones at Te PapaPHAR LAP
36. Eel, in te reoTUNA
38. Octopod chased into Wellington Harbour by KupeWHEKE
41. Dolphin, in te reoAIHE
42. These are NZ’s only native mammalsBATS
43. Breaking wavesSURF
44. Lamb’s cryBAA
45. Dried kūmaraKAO
47. Measure of acidity or basicityPH

Issue 78 Answers


2. Chicken of the seaTUNA
4. Ready to eatRIPE
6. Marie Antoinette said, “let them eat ____”CAKE
7. Sausage, in GermanWURST
9. Gelling agentAGAR
11. Long leafed lettuceCOS
12. Bread, in Te ReoPARĀOA
14. Chocolate coffeeMOCHA
18. Caffeine or sugar might make you feel thisMANIC
21. Roughage, needed to keep digestive system healthy FIBRE
22. Kiwi sea foodKAIMOANA
23. Soup of the day in FrenchSOUPE DU JOUR
24. Best way to eat ice creamLICK
26. Giant man-eater’s call, “Fe Fi __ Fum”FO
27. Acme bread roll, found at Moore Wilson’sOLI
28. SnailsESCARGOT
30. Flying Peter’s surnamePAN
31. A sauce made with meat juiceJUS
33. Dairy product that rises to the topCREAM
34. Retch or chokeGAG
36. Eating or chokeSPOON
38. Completely fullSTONKERED
40. Rice cooked in brothRISOTTO
43. Degree of doneness, when steak is 75% redRARE
44. Deep fried potato slicesCHIPS
45. Roasted bird, Chinese stylePEKING DUCK


1. BurpBELCH
2. Cooked breadTOAST
3. Bitter or pungentACRID
4. Sweet or tasty in Te ReoREKA
5. Justin Bieber singleYUMMY
8. French word used for dry wineSEC
10. Food cooked in the earthHĀNGI
12. Greek number, sounds like a round foodPI
13. Cuba St coffee pioneerALFRED FAGG
15. Caused by lack of food HUNGER
16. The fifth flavour, see Cap #77UMAMI
17. Large orange fruit PUMPKIN
18. Cocktail expertMIXOLOGIST
19. Organic supermarketCOMMONSENSE
21. Vessel for champagneFLUTE
25. Fine food and drinkGOURMET
29. SucroseSUGAR
32. Shakespeare calls it the food of loveMUSIC
35. Pig when it’s foodPORK
37. Dried seaweedNORI
39. Live lady venisonDOE
41. Pub or lodgingINN
42. VintageOLD

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