Try This: Summer

Taste something new this summer. Whether it’s a breezy beach day, a windy park picnic, or a drizzly seaside lunch in the car – whatever the weather throws at you, your puku will thank you for this.


Fig & Orange Fruit Paste

This summer, Wellington locals Rutherford and Meyer
introduce a fresh new flavour to New Zealand’s favourite fruit paste line up – Fig & Orange.

Combining a hint of zesty citrus with the indulgent sweetness of fig, it screams summer entertaining. Fig & Orange paste pairs perfectly with all kinds of soft and goats’ cheeses. Top the flavour explosion off with one of Rutherford and Meyer’s range of artisan crackers and your entertaining platter is complete!

Available at selected supermarkets across New Zealand and online.



Buzz Club Session Meads

Brewed by bees, Buzz Club’s premium session mead is booze, naturally brewed from native New Zealand honeys. Unlike traditional meads, Buzz Clubs capture the flavours of the native honey, but are brewed dry so they are crisp, light, and ultra-refreshing.

Their two meads each
feature different native honey paired with iconic kiwi fruits. Kāmahi + Lemon and Pōhutukawa + Strawberry. Not only are they giving you a taste of our native environments through the use of native honeys, but with every 24 cans, you pollinate over 300 square meters of native
forests! Now that’s the Buzz.

To find a stockist near
you, head to our website




If you’re looking for a delicious and refreshing pick-me-up this summer, Ārepa might be the drink for you. Created to support your brain health, Ārepa is a naturally caffeine-free and
low sugar New Zealand black currant drink.

Designed by a world-renowned neuroscientist, Ārepa’s unique and scientifically proven formula helps keep you calm and focussed in times of stress and fatigue. Perfect as a not-so-sweet non-alcoholic option or afternoon boost for the silly summer season!

And for those looking to lower their caffeine consumption, Ārepa helps you feel energised all day without the crash coffee can give. People all over New Zealand and Australia are experiencing the felt effects. Available at Wellington supermarkets and online. Pick up an Ārepa this summer!



Pink Panther

What’s better than a cool slice of watermelon on
a hot summer’s day? A cool bottle of watermelon juice that’s what.

Aside from the sunshine feeling you get when you drink something this colour, watermelon is amazingly good for you. Not only does it score high in the hydration department, it also offers a hearty dose of the antioxidants lycopene and vitamin C which are known to help reduce inflammation and combat free radicals – which let’s be honest, are probably more of a thing at this time of year.

Pink Panther is available online for North Island delivery and from your favourite Wellington cafés and boutique grocery stores including Moore Wilson’s and Commonsense Organics.



Good Sh*t Soda

You’ve probably spotted the white can with the smiling poop already. That’s Good Sh*t – the soda that’s good for your insides. The world’s first pre- and probiotic soda is made right here in New Zealand. Every can contains 1 billion colony forming Bacillus coagulans probiotics and a third of your daily fibre. With at least 10 grams of soluble, prebiotic fibre, it helps keep you regular as part of a healthy varied diet. But most importantly, Good Sh*t tastes amazing.

Available in four flavours, Good Sh*t Cola, Citrus, Berry, and Ginger taste like real soda, minus the nasties. Popping up everywhere in supermarkets, cafés, and restaurants all over, Good Sh*t is a great tasting, low sugar soda that everyone can feel good about drinking.



Fish & Chips

Family-owned and operated for over 20 years, Wellington Seamarket brings the seashore to your door with the best fish and chips that the capital has to offer.

Three generations of seafaring Italians have crafted the perfect takeaway seafood experience. Marvel at the fresh seafood in the shop window and pick out the fillets that excite you the most – our team will cook them however you desire. If it’s more the classic fish and chips you’re after, we have you covered. We have the crunchiest chips, perfect flakey fish, and all the staple
fish and chip players at peak performance.

The classic Kiwi summer isn’t the same without fish and chips, and Wellington Seamarket is as classic as it gets.




Cornhole is an old school game that anyone can
enjoy – and this game is BOOMING in popularity
in New Zealand. You’d better get some practice in before the next BBQ at your mate’s place.

These full size boards are top notch, super strong and built to last. Our website has free shipping on the cornhole sets so you can grab yourself a bargain!

Easy to set up, easy to pack up and even easier
to play – CORNHOLE!



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