The mountains are calling

The Great Glenorchy Alpine Base Camp is a brand new experience offering. The team have prepared a number of all inclusive wonderfully bespoke adventure packages for you.

In the team’s own words: “whether you’re a group of friends, a modern family, a father and son, a mum plus one, or all loved up, there is an adventure that will suit you (hopefully just outside your comfort zone). Wilderness first timers are as welcome as the seasoned high alpine explorers”.



The Glenorchy township sits at the centre of the eastern boundary of the 2.6 million hectare Unesco South West New Zealand World Heritage Area. Quite the backyard.



The adventure packages include: Camping not camping; Getting High, Mum + 1; Father and Son; Miles From Nowhere; A River Runs Through It; Fresh Tracks, to name a few. Something for everyone.


The Great Glenorchy
Alpine Base Camp

Your adventure start and finish point or your base for daily missions. Cosy huts, colourful bunks, fire pits, festoon lights, laughter and bustling with excited backpack shufflers.


Mean what you mean

Our fragile planet. Us doing what should be done, without a whole lot of fuss (to a very high standard) – all so you don’t have to worry about your adventure committing wrongs.


Soft footprints

Intimate. Low (very) impact. Small groups, 6 pax or less, off piste, guided, whole food, limited trips available. Something special for you and us. No-one will ever know we were there.


Our duty

It’s our human duty to seek adventure and the kind of discomforts that make us feel alive, to be vulnerable, to experience smallness, to dwell within awe… and to spread the love.


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