Kai to try

Smell that? It’s these winter goodies coming in on the wind – try these and thank us later.


Everybird Coffee

Specialty coffee roasters, Kōkako have launched a new dedicated grocery brand called Everybird, and it’s popping up on shelves all over the country.

The fledgling is taking flight with two blends, the bold and chocolatey Everyday Blend, and Half-Caf – a brew designed especially for the caffeine conscious. Made with a 50/50 blend of decaf and well… caf, it has all the flavour but none of the jitters. It’s ideal for 3pm slumps, late night study or work sessions, or when you want to drink coffee all day, every day.

Look for it at your local grocery store, or grab 20% off their online store with the code CAPITAL20.



Plant-based smoked cheddar

Giving dairy the side-eye these days but really love cheese? Angel Food’s new smoked cheddar alternative is totally plant-based and totally delicious.

Great on a cracker or a pizza, in a toastie or mac and cheese. The fresher-for-longer tub is resealable, reusable, and recyclable.

Angel Food is Aotearoa’s original vegan cheese company, founded in 2006 – way before plant-based was cool. The range also includes a regular cheddar, mozzarella, cream cheese and powdered parmesan. In the chiller at supermarkets across the motu.



Greenroots Juicery

Designed with ultimate wellness in mind, our juices are cold-pressed using age-old techniques to create raw revitalising juices. This process extracts the living enzymes, vitamins, and minerals – from fruit, vegetables, and nuts. This captures as much of the goodness as possible.

Pressed from fresh, organic-where-possible produce grown at the base of the Southern Alps, our juices are hand-crafted at our Christchurch-based Juicery. Each juice is made fresh to order, bottled in glass, and delivered overnight New Zealand wide.

Our goal is to create happy bodies, minds, and souls with ingredients that promote longevity. We specialise in 1-7 day juice cleanses, guiding our customers through their journey to wellness. We believe that the goodness you consume for your inside’s shines and radiates on the outside.



Wai Mānuka

Wai Mānuka is New Zealand’s premium, non-alcoholic beverage which infuses mānuka honey with lemon juice and sparkling water.

A New Years Eve idea between friends, Wai Mānuka was created throughout the global pandemic and launched at the 36th America’s Cup.

Fed up with the lack of options for premium non-alcoholic drinks, the friends wanted to create something that not only looked and tasted great, but was healthier and told a local story.

The company have picked up major partnerships across the country including the likes of Government House, Kāpura Group and Sky Stadium. The goal now is to continue to build partnerships with Kiwi businesses that share similar values and prepare to enter the export market.



Grafters Raw Manuka Honey MGO 263+

Millions of bees and one tireless beekeeper work the wild and windy hills of Kāpiti, Hutt Valley, and Wellington to bring you this honey.

Our Manuka MGO 263+ Honey is delicious and full of flavor with earthy, nutty, and toffee notes.

Its unique antibacterial
properties makes this honey great as a tonic, and it pairs beautifully with sweet and savoury. Even eat it by the spoonful, straight from the jar.

Minimal handling from the comb to the jar keeps this honey sweet and simple. Grafter’s brings you this honey. No shortcuts, no nonsense – just hard work.



Award Winning Gift Collection

Award winning, artisan chocolate maker, Baron Hasselhoff’s always brings the mouth party. Located in sweet little Berhampore, they’re best known for their epic stories of taste adventures. To celebrate their wins in the Outstanding
Food Producer Awards they’ve put together a little gift set, so you can judge them for yourself.

The collection features the gold medal winning, Pedro Picante – Spicy Hazelnut Brittle. South Island hazelnuts & Kaitaia Fire chipotle chilli make this adult candy so addictive. Also included are silver medal winners, Pirate Mary – Rosemary Infused Caramels and Le Breakfast Bar – single origin coffee & croissant, dark milk craft bar.

And finally their bronze medalists: Viva Frida –
Almond & Spiced Molé craft bar & Swinging Sultan – Rose & Raspberry, Pomegranate Molasses Truffle.



Loopline Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Loopline Olives Certified
Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is listed in the official index of the World’s Best Olive Oils. Situated in Opaki in New Zealand’s Wairarapa region, Loopline Olives specialises in the highest quality, single variety EVOO. Five olive varieties grow at Loopline, flourishing in the hot dry summer days and cool nights of our crisp winters.

Oil is produced from four of the varieties Picual, Picholene, Leccino and Frantoio. The fifth, Pendolino, is a pollinator. Each variety
is picked and pressed separately to celebrate the fruit’s individual qualities. Loopline is committed to excellence in all stages of production to assist nature with our expertise and
passion to bring you olive oil perfection.



Lunch Packs

Whether you’re hosting an office lunch or a corporate event, our experienced team are here to create the perfect menu to suit your needs. From attractive packaging to our delicious cuisine, we offer the best of the best.

Looking for a tasty lunch that’s easy to serve? Look no further. We offer individual lunch platters for small or large events, with a mouth-watering selection of sweet and savoury items to tantalize your taste buds.

Our catering is perfect for all dietary requirements, and we can create custom menus to suit any event.



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