Wellington city’s mayoral candidates: 20 questions

Compiled by Tessa Johnstone
Illustrations by Tallulah Farrar

Featured in Capital #85
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We asked ten influential
people what they think Wellington
needs to get its mojo back.
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Nine of Wellington city’s mayoral candidates give their take on the issues affecting the capital.

It’s fair to say Wellington has been a bit angsty of late. Leaking pipes, a creaking public transport system, claims the city is dying, squabbles over carparks and cycle lanes, housing shortages, struggling creatives cancelling shows, and businesses shutting up shop. All the while COVID-19 and climate change simmer not so quietly in the background.

So mayor of Wellington at a time like this may not seem an enviable role, but nine people have chucked their name in the hat for the upcoming local government elections in October.

We’ve grilled the candidates about where they stand on Wellington’s major woes so you can vote for the city leader you want for the next three years.

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