Meet our 2022 tea towel artist

Tallulah Farrar.

This year’s limited edition Capital 
tea towel, designed by Tallulah,
is available free to with all
Capital mag gift subscriptions.

Te Whanganui-a-Tara illustrator, Tallulah Farrar is the creative mind behind this year’s Capital tea towel.

Digital illustrations, mosaics, and murals are just a few of the mediums that Tallulah works across. Drawing inspiration from her everyday life, she uses bright colours and patterns to capture moments, places, and objects of joy. Tallulah is influenced by the past and present, exploring symbols of nostalgia and hope.

Tallulah used the market as her inspiration when designing Capital’s 2022 tea towel, which features fruit, veggies, and flowers on sunny stalls. “It’s one of my favourite places to go, and I feel like it really sums up what I (and so many others) love about Welly,” she says. “The people, music, the water – not to mention all of the colourful fresh produce, friendly dogs, and the line of amazing food tents and trucks. It’s lively, vibrant, and the best way to start a Sunday!”

If you could change one thing about Wellington/Wairarapa/Kāpiti, what would that be?

I’d love for Welly to have a more reliable and efficient public transport system! I think of cities like Melbourne, where the trams are reliable, efficient and free in the city centre. That would be awesome here in Wellington, and would really have a knock-on positive effect on the connectedness, affordability and accessibility of the city.

What’s your go-to takeaway order? Or your favourite dining out dish?

My fave takeaway has got to be Taste of Home’s Yo Po Mean (hot oil noodles.) The hand-pulled noodles are like nothing else and their tofu is definitely worth adding in. When it comes to dining out, I’m a big fan of Ombra. Their sage butter, kale and hazelnut gnocchi keeps me coming back, not to mention all of the delish veg dishes.

What are you watching, reading, or listening to at the moment?   

I’ve been loving Alice Snedden’s Bad News series with The Spinoff. I’ve still got a few episodes to watch but the ones I’ve seen so far have been amazing. Music-wise, I’m loving Julia Jacklin and Avantdale Bowling Club’s new albums. Recently when I’ve needed to get productive (like writing these answers right now) I’ve also been listening to the Bridgerton soundtrack. It’s pretty random but I love the show and there are some epic orchestral covers in there.

What book is beside your bed?

I can’t lie, I’m not a big reader. That doesn’t stop me from trying though; I’m constantly buying books and hoping they’ll be the ones to turn me into a reader. The one that’s on my bedside table right now is When the Coffee Gets Cold by Toshikazu Kawaguchi. It’s quite a short and easy read and is full of sweet characters and moments. It might just be the book to launch me into reading one of the longer ones that have been gathering dust on my bookshelf.

You just won lotto, what will you spend it on?

I love the idea of travelling heaps, so I’d probably start dreaming about all the trips I could go on and all the cool gigs and shops I could visit on my travels. In reality though (and in this cost of living crisis) I’d
probably just be boring and pay off my student loan, buy some property, and get a nice couch.

What are the best and worst gifts you’ve ever received?

Every Christmas, each of my family hand makes a gift for someone else. When it came to Christmas
morning last year, I opened my gift to find one singular hand-knitted sock from my sister. It was pretty funny – she’d totally underestimated how long it’d take to make and ran out of time to finish both. It was obviously still a great gift but was totally unusable. I’m eagerly awaiting sock number two this Christmas.

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