Chicken feed: Where to find the city’s best fried chicken

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Fried chicken is hot right now – sometimes really hot, with both Nashville and Korean fried chicken joints becoming increasingly popular.

We asked professional taster Titty Eats to help us in a blind taste test and find out who really rules the roost.

Winner Winner

Order: Proper Hot Fried
Chicken Boneless bites

Crunch: There was a nice, consistent crunch to the bites. There were no soggy bits and it was dressed well.

Tenderness: The chicken was succulent. It delivered a clean, firm bite, and wasn’t too crispy. Al dente batter is the way to go.

Spice: It had a bit of a kick to it. I could spot the chilli flakes on the coating and the spice lingered on after I’d finished.

Extra comments: It had a nice colour – the perfect golden brown that makes your heart skip a beat. The coating stuck well to the chicken.

Fun fact: Save room for dessert, as they have a cabinet of sweet treats. What is pinky pie? We don’t know, but it sounds good.

Soul Shack

Order: Whole buttermilk fried wings, level three spice

Crunch: The first bite had a weak crunch, and after that it fell apart while being eaten.
Tenderness: The chicken was cooked well, but was lacking succulence. It was a bit boring to eat.

Spice: The spice level on this one was insane. It dominated each bite and lingered long after; however it lacked seasoning.

Extra comments: The dredging was overpowered by chili powder. It didn’t coat well, and most of the dredge fell onto the plate.

Fun fact: Habanero, ghost pepper and Carolina Reaper are among the chillies used in their recipes. We dare you to try spice level five.

Platform 145

Order: Yummy spicy chicken

Crunch: Excellent crunch – really crispy. The coating lasted until the last bite. The dredging was magnificent, and it was perfectly fried.

Tenderness: The chicken was really juicy. The juices ran down my fingers as I ate it. Every bite was clean and it was easy to pull the meat from the bone.

Spice: The spice was almost non-existent, but the sauce was sweet and sticky, and worked as a good glazing.

Extra comments: If I had to guess, this chook had been double fried, which helped it to stay crispy. It had a familiar sticky glaze, like Korean fried chicken (the best kind in my opinion).

Fun fact: Owner Peter Lee was a metallurgical engineer in South Korea before coming to NZ.


Order: Spicy wicked wings

Crunch: This had a familiar crunch to it. It was evenly coated, and the “crisp factor” reached another level beyond others in the taste test. The dredge remained intact, with a couple of pieces crumbling off of the chicken.

Tenderness: The meat was very tender and juicy. Each bite was easy and clean and there was no resistance.

Spice: This had no heat whatsoever, but it was seasoned well. Various “herbs and spices” were definitely used.

Extra comments: If I had to guess where this was from I’d say, “I can eat a whole bucket of these.”

Fun fact: Kentucky Fried Chicken flew across to New Zealand in 1971. Now 50 years on, there are over 100 in around country.


Order: Little devil: glazed in spicy sauce and sesame seeds

Crunch: There was a good, crisp crunch to the batter, but after sauce was added it became soggy. After that there was no crunch to it and the “oomph” was gone.

Tenderness: The chicken was nice and tender, and had been cooked well. The meat was easy to pick off the bone, and came off clean. It wasn’t too greasy either.

Spice: This had a mild kick. The sauce used was similar to an Asian yumyum sauce. There were strong flavours of garlic with some sweetener, and a small amount of chili flakes providing a small spice hit.

Extra comments: Chicken that’s been battered like this tastes great. As long as it’s golden it’s good.

Fun fact: Newkor have private karaoke rooms so you can sing to your heart’s content without spoiling other diners evenings.


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