Felix Jackson’s street style: Spring is for baggy tees and dungarees

Just as the flowers begin to bloom so do floral patterns, bright colours, and bare legs.

By Hannah Mahon
Photography by Felix Jackson

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The first of our seasonal style series with photographer Felix Jackson, we asked him to compile the top springtime looks he’s captured around the city.

Armed with a film camera Felix Jackson takes to the streets on the lookout for fashionable individuals or out-there outfits that catch his eye.

As the name suggests, street photography is captured in a public setting, recording raw, unplanned moments in day-to-day life. It’s this that makes the genre so compelling to Felix. “I have no idea who or what I’m going to photograph, it’s a complete gamble,” he says. “When I do find someone, there’s always an undeniable authenticity to them. They didn’t know I would be stopping them on that day in that outfit.”

Camera: Nikon F50

Film: 35mm Kodak Ultra Max

Top photo spot: “Cuba Street and its side roads are Wellington’s fashion hub. I’ll always catch someone on Cuba Street and [find] the more playful vibe of the area is reflected in the fashion.”

Favourite spring outfit: Samuel Dunstall’s baggy trousers (see below)

Favourite spring trend: Fun sunglasses, and Doc Martens, “the shoe of Wellington and a trend that will never die.”

To see more of Felix’s work, check out his Instagram @felixrjack.


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