Six reasons to make Whanganui your next getaway

A trip to Whanganui is a must-do adventure every Kiwi should experience at least once in their lifetime. This region is renowned for its natural beauty, with an abundance of opportunities for adventure, it’s one of the last regions in Aotearoa that many consider ‘a land of untouched discovery’.

Here’s six reasons to pack a bag and take a trip up the coast:


The street art will blow your socks off

Recently awarded UNESCO City of Design status, visiting the central city in Whanganui is one of the most captivating ways to immerse yourself in its street art, culture and vibrancy.


Find amazing architecture around every corner

The city’s buildings have long been one of Whanganui’s most captivating draws—take a stroll through the heritage architecture, with styles ranging from the ornate and historical to the sleekly modern.


The Whanganui River will float your boat

Exploring Whanganui River by canoe or kayak while undertaking the Whanganui Journey is the national park’s unmissable experience. Heading up the Awa feels like paddling alongside an untouched prehistoric land.


Discover local kai and tasty tipples

Visit a local’s favourite restaurant for a bite to eat; The Citadel in Castlecliff for mouth-watering burgers, Frank Bar + Eatery for an award-winning cocktail or Maria Lane Eatery & Bar for contemporary bistro cuisine.


Explore the rainforest and get back to nature

Bushy Park Tarapuruhi wildlife sanctuary spans 80 hectares of lush rainforest and wetland teeming with native birds, where you can easily spot the birds as their beautiful songs fill the air.


Ride the elevator with a difference

Since its opening in 1919, the Durie Hill Elevator has become an iconic representation of Whanganui’s qualities of innovation and ambition. Ride the stunning restored elevator and be transported back in time.

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