Fall down the rabbit hole and meet the bunnies of Wellington

By Hannah Mahon

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Easter is just around the corner, which means our favourite bunny is nearly in town. In anticipation we’ve rounded up some bunnies who are a little closer to home.


Nixie and Oscar

This furry duo loves pats and provides stressed shoppers a much-needed dose of animal-therapy. They are often found in the middle of Cuba Street, opposite Leftbank Arcade, under a shady tree. Mental health advocacy is top priority for these hard-working bunnies. They don’t mind road trips and can be booked for birthday parties, functions and community events. Check them out on Instagram: @nixie_and_oscar


Wellington Rabbit Rescue (WRR)

Rabbits are super-sneaky and can escape from the smallest gap in a fence (as well as being expert diggers). Thankfully, Wellington Rabbit Rescue, a non-profit registered charity provides refuge for rabbits in need, as well as promoting domestic rabbit welfare through public education. Founded in 2015, WRR is New Zealand’s longest-running rabbit-focused rescue, rescuing and rehoming more than 500 rabbits in the wider Wellington region. In addition to a network of foster homes, WRR is run entirely by volunteers.

If you’re ready for a fluffy-tailed addition to your family, find out how to adopt or donate.


Remi: The rabbit in the Wellington Hospital carpark

If you’ve been around Wellington Hospital recently, you may have noticed an unusual visitor. A little brown bunny has made the hospital’s carpark his home. It’s unknown how long he’s been there but he’s become bit of a local celebrity. Remi has a Facebook page with over 1000 members, dedicated providing daily updates and sightings. It’s through this page that the name Remi was chosen.

If you want to visit Remi it might be nice to bring along some dark leafy greens, like kale or silver beets. Leave the carrots at home though as it’s the equivalent of a chocolate cake for bunnies, and although delicious, isn’t very nutritious.


Crazy Rabbit Café

Hop over to the Crazy Rabbit Café in Hataitai for your daily dose of caffeine. It has a cosy burrow to keep you warm and sheltered from the wind, while also providing a nice outdoor area to get some sun on your ears.

31 Waitoa Road, Hataitai



The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Incorporated (SPCA) is New Zealand’s oldest and largest animal welfare charity, with 31 centres and six vet partnerships across the country, and over 31,000 animals coming through their centres each year. Their aim is to help animals who are sick, injured, neglected, abused, or simply abandoned. Unfortunately, bunnies are often bought without knowing how much effort is needed to look after them properly and are often set free. Surprisingly, domestic rabbits don’t fare well in the wild and although you might think you’re doing the right thing by letting them be free, it will likely have life-threatening results.

For more information on having a pet rabbit, visit their website, and stay up to date with bunnies to adopt.

Remember bunnies are for life, not just for Easter.


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