CPotY Snapshots: Caetano Calestine

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Caetano Calestine
Lights in movement

Movement semi finalist

Behind the camera:
Caetano (pronounced Kai-tano) is originally from Brazil, but has been living in New Zealand for almost 10 years. Visual arts were a big part of his upbringing, with his family visiting museums and art galleries often. This helped him develop his love of photography, architecture, and art. His passion for photography started around 20 years ago when he took photos for his nephew’s baptism on his Canon SLR. That day made him realise how incredible it is to capture a moment in time.

Why photography:

During university in the early 2000’s Caetano transitioned from film to digital photography which allowed him to experiment without fear of wasting film. In 2009 he bought his first DSLR camera and focused on experimenting with lighting, light painting, aperture and shutter speed. He became interested in the world of polaroid cameras and instant film, which he says was “a complete different photo experience, as you have one shot to get it right, as the photo is ejected seconds later and you see the results in minutes.”

The snap:
The night this photo was taken Caetano he was feeling a little down and decided to go for a drive with his camera. Enticed by the amusement park on the waterfront, Caetano decided to stop and take some snaps. He saw potential with the moving lights, people having fun, and explosive colours. “In that moment, I was capturing a scene, making sure the camera was on the right place and the settings were ready.”

Judge’s thoughts:
CPotY judge Shalee Fitzsimmons said this image showed “frenetic energy, captured beautifully on film.”


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