What the Capital team will be eating during Wellington on a Plate 2023

This year we’re being treated to two delicious helpings of Wellington on a Plate.

Dine, events, and cocktail portions of the festival will be serving up 5 May – 21 May, while the beloved Burger Wellington, and Beervana will be arriving in August.

The team here at Capital were asked to choose one (and only one!) festival cocktail and dish they just can’t wait to get in their belly.

Publishing coordinator

The Botanist: Yuz the One I Want
The lemon flavour is a big selling point for me as well as the meringue. But what really convinced me was the hoisin glazed vegan pork belly. I’m super excited to see how the flavours work together.

Nolita: Monte Blanc
All elements in this three-course meal sound delicious, but particularly the entrée. I absolutely love mushrooms, so I can’t wait to see how they mix with the cream cheese and pancakes.

Campaign coordinator

L’affare: Coffee Moon
I start everyday with an iced coffee – now I can start my night with one!

Little Beer Quarter: Down the Rabbit Hole
With beer-braised meat and the well-paired sauces, I’m excited to try this locally sourced meal. Join me down the rabbit hole.

Sales manager

Oak and Vine: La Nouvelle Façon
Danesh assures me this tomato is edible, not drinkable. Is it a bird? A plane? A cocktail? I’m soon to find out.

Boulcott Street Bistro: Cereal Cray
I’ve always wanted to try out Boulcott Street Bistro. Yellow Brick Road is an awesome local producer, and I’m keen to see what they’ve done with this gorgeous cray. Yum!

Graze Wine Bar: Chef Collaboration Series: Andrea Marseglia
Bonus pick! Teresa is one of the best spots in Napier, and I’m excited to see what Andrea and the team will whip up for this cocktail matched degustation in Kelburn!  


CGR Merchant & Co: Negroni Ice Cream Paddle
Negroni AND ice cream? Need I say more.

Zelati Dessert Café: Absolutely Avo-licious
This was made for me! I love avocados and I love dessert. When I was in Vietnam I had an avocado milkshake with condensed milk, topped with a spoonful of milo *drool*. It’s nice to see avocado being used not on toast, so very excited about this.

Campaign coordinator

Dockside: Cereal Killer
A filling starter with an alcoholic kick.

Arborist: Moroccan Me Crazy
A vegetarian celebration without a hint of fake meat – after all there’s nothing quite like a pie in winter.

WOAP is hand-rubbingly good for those of us who enjoy the occasional hedonistic over indulgence. All it takes is a bit of time to plan and book then the city is your oyster.  

Project manager

Damascus: Majnun
This had me at “accompanied by deep fried bread.” This cocktail is arak (an aniseed flavoured spirit) infused with fresh cucumber, sugar syrup and lime juice – I’ve never tried arak, so keen to get a couple of these in my mouth.

Kisa: Same Same But Different
A pudding made with chicken breast has my curiosity officially piqued. I’m all for new flavours, so this trio of desserts is at the top of my to-try list. It also comes with rocky road flavoured halva and a whey mint ice cream so no complaints there.

Art director

Bin44 Restaurant & Bar: Goody Goody Goon Drop
I love the polarising nature of Goody Goody Gum Drops.

Tip Top needs to bring back the two litre tubs, but this cocktail will scratch that itch until that time comes.

Rex Tremendous: Wonderduck
Duck and tamarillo seems like a really interesting flavour combination and the texture and consistency of croquettes are always great. I’m very keen to try this.

Content manager & staff writer

Foxglove Bar & Kitchen: Drinking Outside the Box
These clarified cocktails blow my mind and I always have to order one when it’s on the menu. What’s more, it comes with a cheese, marmalade and walnut cracker – the best flavour combination there is.

1154 Pastaria: Can O’ Rav
I loved tinned ravioli as a kid, so this one’s a little nostalgic for me. It’ll be fun try to it this fancied-up version, with porcini mushroom, ricotta and truffle.

WOAP Dine, Cocktail and Events, will be running from May 5 until May 21. Check out the full programme here.


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