A smatter of platters

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Styled by Shalee Fitzsimmons

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Sharing is caring and one thing that’s sure to give you the warm fuzzies is sharing good grub with good friends.

Food platters are creative crowd-pleasers, and they can be made in advance, so you can spend less time in the kitchen and more time with your mates. We asked three platter pros to give us their top spreads to enjoy with company.

All ingredients are available locally. Try Moore Wilson’s or Commonsense Organics.

The happy planet platter

Cheese boards are perfect for lovers and haters of cooking alike. While they’re speedy to prepare, they always look styley, especially with a glass of vino. Cheese is one of the most frequently mentioned foods that new vegans say they miss eating, so Tess wants to show that a plant-based diet doesn’t mean giving up all life’s simple pleasures.

Think it’s hard to be vegan? Tess Eden shows that this simply isn’t the case. She’s been sharing plant-based recipes and advice on switching to a vegan lifestyle via her Instagram @eden.vegan since 2017, in which time she’s veganised everything from ramen to chocolate cheesecakes.

The sweet tooth platter

One-up the Easter Bunny with this chock-a-block sweet spread. An expert in creating grazing tables, Jackie has combined rich chocolate delights with fresh seasonal fruit (for a little thrown-in healthiness), making this dessert platter great for a long weekend garden party, or to nibble on after an Easter roast.

Jackie Lee Morrison was owner-operator of Lashings, a specialist brownie bar café and small-batch bakery. She honed her skills as a pastry chef in London, working in five-star hotels, fine dining, and Michelin-starred restaurants before moving to Wellington in 2016.

Find Jackie’s milk chocolate brownies recipe here and home-made marshmallows recipe here.

The build-a-bagel platter

Is there a hole in your life? Fill it with friends and bagels. Bring your pals together to build their own, and to pile on toppings to their hearts’ content. For this platter Al has balanced salty, tangy, and sweet flavours to create the perfect filling. It’s what’s inside that counts.

Al Green became interested in food by accident, when he woke up one day in 2018 to find he co-owned a sandwich shop. He has been picking up techniques and experimenting with ingredients ever since. The owner of Good Boy is on a disgraceful breadmaking journey and can often be found yelling adult-only words at under-risen, overcooked loaves in his home kitchen.

Find Al’s bagel recipe here.


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