Try This: Willis Lane seven ways

There’s another world under Willis Street and it’s full of delicious things. Journey down into the tunnels of Wellington’s newest food and entertainment precinct for a tasty adventure, with plenty to please the quick biters, long lunchers, late-night snackers, fancy diner goers, sweet-tooths and savoury fiends alike.

Discover why Willis Lane is the place to be whatever you’re craving.


Crack Chicken:
Bulgogi Double Cheeseburger

From the mind of culinary maestro David Lee (of Auckland’s award-winning restaurants Aigo, Candyshop, Gochu and Pōni), Crack Chicken introduces a tantalising fusion that’s hard to resist: a tender Nashville-style double cheeseburger enriched with the flavoursome layers of Korean Bulgogi.

The succulent marinated beef slices come together in a harmonious blend of sweet and spicy – where every bite is as crunchy as it is juicy.

This one’s an instant classic.


Duck Island:
Ambrosia & Salted Caramel Cacao Crumb Ice Cream

The talk of the town for their delectable ice cream, Duck Island has certainly elevated the CBD’s dessert game to new heights with their new, eagerly-anticipated Willis Lane venue.

Sensitive tummy? Don’t worry – everyone’s invited to this ice cream feast, thanks to their extensive vegan and gluten-free range. Dig into everything from handcrafted artisan scoops, ice cream sandwiches and wonderfully creamy milkshakes.

Our personal favourite? An Ambrosia & Salted Caramel Cacao Crumb combo.


Corso Pastaria:
Pumpkin, Gorgonzola & Nduja Arancini

Craving an Italian beachside getaway?

Dive into the arancini balls at Corso Pastaria. Filled with deliciously salty gorgonzola, spicy nduja, and sweet pumpkin, these little wonders are an irresistibly sumptuous, soft cheesy delight.

Settle into Corso’s swish new dining space tucked away at the end of the lane, designed
with evenings in mind – whether you’re there for a lively group gathering or a slow date night paired with fine wine.


Hot Like a Mexican:
Crunchy Chicken Tacos

If it’s authentic Mexican you’re after, look no further than Hot Like a Mexican.

Serving up everything from mouthwatering tacos and hearty burritos to cheesy quesadillas – every item on the menu is filled to the brim with fresh, crunchy, delicious fillings.

Hailing from Cuautla, México, owner and local culinary legend Andrés “The Mexican” ensures every dish is crafted with nothing but top-quality ingredients – setting a standard that’s hard to beat.


Angry Ramen:
Chicken Katsu Kimchi Donburi

Stopping by for lunch? Don’t walk past Angry Ramen without trying their Chicken Katsu Kimchi Donburi.

Dig into a generous and deliciously fresh rice bowl filled with crumbed chicken, tangy katsu, mayo, and their signature bold kimchi – all made in-house daily.

Capturing the essence of Tokyo street food, this medley of flavour and texture is simply a must -try for all the CBD foodies.

It’s a crowd favourite for a reason!


Rick’s Cheese Steaks:
Buff Chick n’ Bleu Sandwich

Got a hankering for a hearty sandwich? Rick’s Buff chick n’ bleu awaits you – and it’s sure to hit the spot. Straight from the heart of Philly, this gem boasts succulent chicken, melted American cheddar, and fiery buffalo sauce, complemented by creamy blue dressing.

It’s a Philly sensation reimagined with an unexpected twist, guaranteeing a belly-warming, mouth-watering experience.

Dig in and grab a napkin. This one’s going to be saucy.


Corso Pastaria:
Linguini with Southern Clams & Sav Blanc

While you’re down at Corso Pastaria, don’t skip one of our favourites: the linguini. Each strand is meticulously cooked to al dente perfection – serving as the perfect backdrop to the rich, briny taste of southern clams, and further elevated by the crisp and zesty undertones of sav blanc.

This dish is Corso at its best: paying homage to the timeless simplicity of traditional Italian cuisine. It’s a plate of culinary poetry.


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