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The answer may not lie at the bottom of a can, but it can’t hurt to check.



Joiy is proud to be a global company whose origin story began in Wellington. We put seriously good wine in cans to be enjoyed anywhere, anytime. An antidote to the ordinary, a serum for seriousness, an elixir of enjoyment.

Putting our wines in cans isn’t just a fashion choice. It’s not even the easy one. But it’s the right one. Sustainability, for us, goes beyond the grapes: it’s about reducing the carbon footprint of every link in the chain, from vineyard to shelf. Convenience and a clean conscience without compromising on taste.

Whether you have an adventurous palate or
prefer the classics, Joiy’s cans mean you can mix and match. Sparkling, still, white, red, or seltzer: the choice is yours.



Native Sparkling

Native Sparkling is a Wellington-based RTD company founded by brothers Matt and Guy with a mission to make a positive impact on the planet while enjoying life’s pleasures.

Their delicious beverage combines premium vodka, sparkling water, and real fruit, supporting conservation in New Zealand. Each purchase of 40 cans funds the planting of a native tree.

Sipping on Native offers guilt-free indulgence and contributes to a sustainable future. Why settle for less when you can enjoy a refreshing drink that tastes great and supports a worthy cause?

Join the Native movement today and turn good times into a better planet.



Double Vision Brewing

Does what it says on the tin, mate! Everything you like from a hazy: full flavour, juicy, and all of those delicious tropical notes from dry hopping, without too much bitter.

Flavours are of quenching tropical fruits, citrus and lime zest from the US and NZ hops, and a solid body to match from the oats and wheat.

Made in Miramar and now a winner in the Top 30 category for the 2023 New World Beer & Cider Awards!

Mouth Party
5.3% Hazy Pale Ale



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