Five Halloween costumes only Wellingtonians will understand

Written and illustrated
by Sophie Carter

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We’re a hardy bunch here in the capital. Forget ghosts and ghoulies, we’re used to bumpy plane landing’s, falling street lamps, and the odd earthquake here and there to keep us on our toes.

But there are a couple of things that still give us the heebie-jeebies and they just so happen to make for pretty interesting Halloween costumes.

Bubbles in the Bucket Fountain

If this fountain wasn’t already a health and safety nightmare it really comes into its own when a cheeky prankster adds a dash of bubble bath. For hours it sends slippery, soapy suds onto Cuba Street, ready to catch out an unsuspecting tourist who isn’t used to giving the fountain a wide berth. For this costume you’ll need heaps of bubble wrap, a range of scoopers (spray painted protein or washing-powder scoops will work at treat), and a bucket of soapy water you can splash people with to really bring your costume to life.

Quasi (the giant hand)

Can there be anything more terrifying than a five-metre hand with a face that looks a lot like Donald Trump? This creepy creature is called Quasi (after the misunderstood Quasimodo, from The Hunchback of Notre Dame), and its stern face is that of its creator, artist Ronnie van Hout. Quasi flew (literally flew) into Wellington in 2019, after he was banished from Christchurch. He now sits on top of City Gallery, watching over his local subjects in Te Ngākau Civic Square. Just draw or paint on a beige top and pants and begin your reign of terror.

Bad weather on bin day

Wellingtons windy. We’re all used to that. But when a partially blustery day happens to fall on bin day it can be a little too much to deal with. Bin bags burst open; glass recycling buckets hurtle into cars; boxes, food wrappers, coffee cups, and dirty nappies litter the streets, and there’s floss absolutely everywhere (at least we know Wellingtonians have good dental hygiene). This costume is super easy – simply chuck on your favourite outfit, wrap yourself in double-sided sticky tape, and let the wind do its work.

Burgers in September

We’re a city of burger lovers, but come September, after Wellington on a Plate’s annual burger festival, no one can bear the sight of them. During August the most committed foodies will gobble up several burgers a day, attempting to try them all (last year Tim Yamat got through 100). We’ve gone with the classic burger for our costume design but feel free to replicate whichever meat and bread concoction tickled your fancy, or ticked you right off.

Vic Deals comment section

One of the country’s largest community Facebook pages, Vic Deals has become a place for locals to give helpful advice, offload unwanted items, and primarily, to rant. But the main event is always in the comment section, where the most ruthless keyboard warriors in the land come forward to create reality TV show worthy drama. Hours of entertainment to the uninvolved lurker; a nightmare if it starts going down on your post.


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