Q&A: Phoebe Tuxford

Have you spotted L’affare’s fresh new look? That’s right, the suave moustachioed man that’s been the face of the brand since 1994 has been replaced with a series of colourful and eclectic artworks. The eight works have been created by diversely skilled New Zealand artists at various stages of their creative careers, each with a connection to L’affare.

One of the designers is Phoebe Tuxford, a Brand Activator at L’affare. We talked to her about collectables, content consumption, and (of course) coffee.

What’s your favourite place in the wider Wellington region?

Days Bay. I have good memories of attempting to paddle board there with my friend Liv. I was terrible. She was really good. It’s like getting out of the city without having to leave the city.

What content are you consuming at the moment?

Bob’s Burgers has been a favourite of mine since discovering and binging it during lockdown last year. My sister, Tess, played a few episodes of Titting About, the French & Saunders podcast, while we drove over to the Wairarapa last weekend and I’m hooked. I also just finished season three of Sex Education – it’s such a brilliant show.

What’s the best local purchase you’ve made this year?

I recently started a mug collection (maybe more of an obsession at this point) – the one I have from Felicity of Wundaire is my favourite, with melty drippy trippy pink and orange glaze. I got it from her studio in Greytown when I did a workshop there. She’s awesome and was part of what inspired me to take up ceramics. We might be working on a fun collab soon

Tell us about your job.

I first started at L’affare as a barista back in 2014. As I was finishing my design degree I asked the boss to take me on as an intern, which turned into a full-time role in the marketing team in 2018. I’m really lucky that most of the work has a pretty open brief so I’m able to have fun shaping a lot of the creative direction of the brand. I jumped at the chance to contribute an illustration for our recent retail coffee pack refresh project – it’s called Moonbeams and is on our decaf bag, a playful nod to decaffeinated coffee being a shadow of real coffee.

What’s your biggest regret?

Um, maybe naming the illustration Moonbeams? I didn’t realise I needed to name the damn thing so I rushed it to hit a deadline! It’ll haunt me for ever. Probably not.

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