CPotY Snapshots: Nathan Hall

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Nathan Hall

Society semi finalist

Behind the camera
Nathan is a 24-year-old “chess nerd, board game fan” and “photography enthusiast.” Originally from Gisborne, he calls himself “a country bumpkin by nature.” He moved to Wellington to study design at Massey University and now works in the industry. 

Why photography?
Nathan took up photography as a hobby at the age of 11, but has always been unsure about moving into the professional world for fear it might “take the fun out of it. I like to follow my nose and take the photographs that interest me,” he says. He’s particularly interested in street photography and has always been “fascinated by the chaos and noise of cities and how people move around.” He is inspired by the likes of photographers Robert Frank, John Free, and Saul Lieter. “It’s a great way to feel a part of things and tap into the energy of the city.” He enjoys working with film, finding that it leaves room for “happy creative accidents.”

The snap
This photo was taken during summer 2021 in Oriental Bay. “The scene, it leapt out straight away – I loved the pair acting the same, the anonymity of it.” He says, “I like how the edges have nothing intruding. It feels like these two are in their own world.”

Judge’s thoughts
Judge Chris Sisarich said he loved “the simplicity of this image. It’s the sort of photo I like to take. It has a bit of that Martin Parr feel about it.”


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