Sundae best: Pōneke locals become Duck Island Flavour Creators

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Two Wellingtonians have had their dream ice cream churned into reality after winning Duck Island’s annual Flavour Creators competition.

From thousands of entries Duck Island judges had to select just two winners (one from school years 0-5 and one from School Years 6-8), searching for the most fun, inventive, daring, and delicious combination to turn into real ice creams.

“The level of creativity that we have received this year has been outstanding,” says Duck Island co-owner Kim Higgison. “We’re stoked for the kids and with the winning flavours, they’re delicious and both tell a story through fun flavour combinations.”

The winning ice creams are available for the public to enjoy at Duck Island stores, and will be sent to each creator’s school for their class to try.

All profits from sales of the ice creams will go to the winners’ schools to help fund projects.

Simone Kelly was the winning creator in the Year 6-8 category, with her ice cream inspired by an afternoon at her Gran’s house.

“My great granny Dorothy always gives us shrewsbury biscuits, mallowpuffs and shortbread and these EXTREMELY crunchy crackers,” says Simone. “When me and my brother crunch them she has to turn her hearing aids down. Then we let her cheat at UNO.”

To bring Simone’s creation to life the Duck Island team made a marshmallow scented ice cream, with strawberry jam swirls, packed with shortbread, and chocolate covered salty crackers.

“Waking up on a warm, sunny morning in a French
campsite,” was the inspiration behind Ezra Page-Clarke’s ice cream, which won the youngest category (Years 0-5).

Turning this memory into dessert form Ezra included pain au chocolat, orange juice, hot chocolate and
marshmallows in his initial ice cream design.

The Duck Island flavour developers clever spin on this idea included clusters of caramelised croissants, tart orange curd, torched marshmallows, and ripples of chocolate within a milk chocolate ice cream.

They said: “French Breakfast stood out as we know everyone loves pain au chocolat, and the extra ingredients woven into the story of orange, campside hot chocolate and marshmallows had us intrigued.”


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