CPotY Snapshots: Andy Hansen

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Andy Hansen
Last Light

Inside semi finalist

Behind the camera
Software developer and self-confessed “doomscroller” Andy admits it took him longer than it should to lose his “apathetic teenager mindset.” Now he’s finding plenty to enjoy, photography being one such pastime. He grew up in Dunedin and completed his undergraduate degree there, before heading to the capital.

Why photography?
It is a “fusion of hobby and compulsion.” Capturing the “coming and going” in the world is what he loves about photography – recording change, decay, and growth. Andy has recently begun shooting for Capital.

The snap
Last Light varied from Andy’s usual black and white work. The image was captured at the Workingmen’s Bowling Club in Newtown, which closed in 2021. Arriving with his camera just as golden hour was starting, he says it “felt like a bit of a time capsule.” The club is now boarded up. “I think of the years of great memories that were likely had there. Now they have to happen somewhere else.”

Judge’s thoughts
Te Papa curator Lizzie Bisley: “I was impressed with this image, using an empty room and still life objects to convey pathos and loss. I loved the fact that this photograph turned away from the view of the outside – focusing on light cast in from a window, rather than allowing us to look out.”


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